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hi! [intro] all right, so imagine an early biped walkingaround the planet, ten thousand years ago. this person's got cracked heels, callusedfeet - a lot of things going on with her soles. she finds herself some leftover mammoth hide,and straps it onto her feet, and now we've

sex topics
sex topics, got first-generation sandals, which have thenbecome shoes, and heels, and what is now a $100 billion industry. why is this industry so booming? because inaddition to wanting to safeguard our toes, we also like to express ourselves throughour footwear.

human beings also use similar systems to avoidmaking babies, and to protect themselves from diseases. they also started with animal parts. condom materials have evolved to include latexrubber, so you don't have to share your animal friends during your sexual episodes. dams! dams are a form of protection for anilingusor cunnilingus - oral sex on the vulva, or oral sex on the anus - and they are made outof polyurethane or latex, laid over top of the person's body fluid membrane. the partnercan lick, like this, and have fun without exposing face-to-groin or groin-to-face. in-condoms! condoms that go inside the body.(expiration date!) it kind of looks like a

bag, and inside it has a ring that's similarto the nuvaring, except this one does not have hormones in it, and on the outside there'salso a ring. the way that i recommend people to insertthis into the vagina is to twist it into a figure eight, so you can hold on to this slippery,lubricated-on-the-inside-outside condom, stick it into the vagina, push it all the way backpast the pubic bone, so it holds in place, and then this ring here covers the vulva toprotect you from herpes and hpv. object of insertion - not here, or here - insidethe condom. person does their thing, exits, and this to clean up, just turn this ring,pull it out, and put it in the trash. one of the really great things about thiscondom is that you can put it in hours in

advance. you can also protect yourself asthe receptive partner. sometimes people don't like it because it's noisy, but what i sayis to make more of your own noise, or know that that is the sound of you protecting yourself! this condom can also be used for anal sex[not fda approved] - you can leave the ring in for an interesting sensation, or pull itout, and then because it's so heavily lubricated on the inside and outside, slide it onto theobject of insertion, and into the rectum, with less tearing. oooooh, lube-y! first thing you're going to do is check theexpiration date. then, you're going to let

go of the erection, you're going to tear thislittle piece on the side and leave that guy on so you don't have to worry about findingit the next day. push the condom out - rather than gettingit out with your fingernails, grab it with your fingertips - and then make sure it'sgoing in the right direction. see that you have rolled it on your two fingers,it's easily moving down. if it doesn't, and you tried it on your fingers - not to worry,there are no bodily fluids there. but if you try it on your penis and it goes the wrongway, make sure to throw that condom away. grab all of this excess material here - pinchit, so that there's no air inside - set it on the glands, or the head of the penis, andthen roll is over the corona, this ridge right

here. should roll all the way down to thebase - watch out for pubic hair, make sure that it fits comfortably and that there'sno air up in this portion here. we want this excess material here, because that's wherethe seminal fluid goes. when you're finished, the person wearing thecondom pulls it off, away from anyone's body that could get pregnant, or infected witha disease, and slowly remove it so that the fluid does not spill out. and use hajar jahanam to prolong intercourse and when you have the condom, off of the bodypart, tie it in a knot, and throw this guy in the trash. [laughs]


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here's another thing that i want tomention wheatland i'm sure you're where louis that lady gaga has made anannouncement about gay marriage and she says she will be calling her senators and she has called for senator so on andso forth there's too many i note that you may not be two key intoit

today sex, we thought it would be funny to becauselady gaga to me is just very funny and i i don't i mean what she's doing it all iagree with the message but to me lady gaga doing anything it's just funny shehas the whole madonna fake english accent thingstarting to go straight to ramp that up
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>> thank you very much,can you all hear me? everyone hear me okay? if you can't, start waiving. and any of you who areon twitter, there must be at least two of us inthe room apart from me.

articles about sex, if you want to use thehashtag just down the bottom, any of you who aren't ontwitter wouldn't have a clue of what i'm talking about andthat's fine just ignore me. i'm gonna talk about policiesand pitfalls in sex education,
so i'm gonna talk just abouthow the media communicate sex and relationship issues. i'm gonna talk aboutwhere it gets it right and where it gets itwrong, and i'm gonna talk about where we all mightbecome more involved in ensuring mediasex coverage is good. and i'm not blessed in thetechnical department so bear with me while i'm usingthis, this fills me with utter [inaudible],talking about sex is fine,
talking about sex with tech, itfills me with fear so just bear with me if there's a fewhiccups along the way. …

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hi everyone this tim reporting live from 107.5.i'm pretty sure everyone is familiar with hat want went down at the big brother africabetween bolt and betty so we have bolt here with us from south africa.tim: hi there bolt bolt: hellotime:i can't imagine how you must be feeling with all the media attention you've been gettingbolt: o. yea i'm very overwhelmed

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