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here's another thing that i want tomention wheatland i'm sure you're where louis that lady gaga has made anannouncement about gay marriage and she says she will be calling her senators and she has called for senator so on andso forth there's too many i note that you may not be two key intoit

today sex

today sex, we thought it would be funny to becauselady gaga to me is just very funny and i i don't i mean what she's doing it all iagree with the message but to me lady gaga doing anything it's just funny shehas the whole madonna fake english accent thingstarting to go straight to ramp that up

believe god is fine to me so we made avideo where we just cut up that that original statement she made and she was saying angie gave things and saying that john mccain's gets allthe others play one of these for you we just thought it was a joke we didn'tmean to offend anybody yet and of course anybody who listens to this show that's we we obviously support the thelegalization of of gay marriage everywhere some people actually were offended so wetook this video down i'll play a quick

for you the entire video is on our members past pants it's serving called and tearing nightsand clearly coming up it was just a joke but some people thought we were for realso we took the thing down it is on the membership odd cast of mid-week politicsdot com slash membership i don't think there was anything offensive about itlewis i mean i think lady gaga i mean come on preserving thetime

right as long as you can tell that itsir they're supposed to be a joke what's the harm well yogi you can't get into the heads of everylesson something that clearly is not a joke though is shared cooper representative from georgia she wasinterviewed by schenk you go from the young turks is going to be joining usyou actually think the front of the show anything of the in

unity calling in in upcoming show he was talking with sharon cooper aboutfinancial stuff and she brings up just all of a sudden that barney frank and his partner have something to do with what's goingon it was really bizarre i'm going to play this for you and junk rightly socalls are out about it is very weird this is very weird it isthey could take a look and listen to this

when fr hang anne baker for pretty conservativethink about that than if you couldn't pay far home you know if you didn't getit and all the facts are the right downhere pregnant he lived where there are a clever at the time campaigning mandate you know and i have no and anyway you're and fannie mae all thetime comical saying what give people all basically whocannot afford one plot make the bank happened anything that they should bedoing quite outfit represent the

rebellious attitude not the number oneyou see or talk accomplices ministro en barney frank's lover into thisconversation about finance i have no idea why he did that held while you didthat digital and analog are probably forty five when i got predicate gag uh... have attempted and behind that butthat yahoo picks up for you just well except that lives in the united statesand upload lines you bring up his lover in the middle of the screen hard itwould be like somebody else patrick giving it embarking pleading somethingthat would benefit their mistakes are

there white that we have a moment gotthrough the banks of the inkatha mallory so we can see how this is going she getscompletely marshmallow sheet as she goes with the old faithful that barney frank is one of my best for gay people ofmontana by best friend which is a classic lewis were familiar with willthen and then she goes into the marshmallow sarah palin type nonsense incredible and last story on gay rightsand don't ask don't tell this is amazing to georgia man

i'm not making this up that sound like a lot but i'm not makingthis up jude georgia men have accused of bishopnamed eddie long who is a pastor of a mega church andalso an anti gay activist of coercing them and today sex and anti gay activist named eddie long is in trouble for gay sexual advanceshis name is eddie long

is there something ironic about that youlose a something funny about that when you could make up upon your name if you tried well maybe i could come up with a like ritual richard richard wagner cardto brief us to revive the yeah on a serious note it's becoming more and moreclear that the more anti gay you are the more actively gayi seem to be behindclosed doors now on it that's the one time after another it seems thatwould be ideal bara taking pictures at leather

gave leather fetish festivals i don'teven know what their here look arbors an expert on we've got uh... the guy on oprah and his name escapespeanut escapes me now all the time going on there and saying well he's not gaybut he engages in gay activist temptations it sir american of the american beauty centre we'll take a break coming up we'll talkabout it and was taken from the phone

calls for one thing five eight six seventeen fifteenfinalizing thanks mid-week but it's test him politics is made possible in part by thedaily hampshire dissecting the senate dot com connecting our communities with localnews and information by the national priorities project insmith college department of government

posting congresswoman donna edwards onsunday october third more information and national priorities dot orig i_d_f_design specializing in custom business websites it d i f design dot com to findout more about underwriting mid-week politics music mid-week politics dot com


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articles about sex, if you want to use thehashtag just down the bottom, any of you who aren't ontwitter wouldn't have a clue of what i'm talking about andthat's fine just ignore me. i'm gonna talk about policiesand pitfalls in sex education,
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